Boom Beach Hack APK in User-Friendly Usage

Boom Beach hack apk can be the only way that people who play the game feel that they are having good time playing the game. They do not have to be cow cash earning money from time to time but spending it in a few seconds. This hack apk can be accessed either solely online or offline after you have successfully downloaded the game. It is a tool which all of your wishes can be granted for free. Let say like the tons of gold or coins, limitless gems to obtain, new level without too much effort, and also new features without reaching new level can be enjoyed excitedly by the players by using this hack apk.


Boom Beach Play Together


Boom Beach Hack APK

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Uncharted 4 Review And Updates

The series will end with the Uncharted 4 so adventuring life of Nathan Drake will make a good closing. Though gamers would find confusion in the game, this is the sequel with the best mechanics with enjoyable fights and incredible rope swinging crossing. There is best battle and exploration, extremely beautiful game and wider areas to explore. The problems include lengthy, tedious start and climax only in the last half.


Uncharted 4


Uncharted 4 Features

Finding the treasure of a mystifying 17th century pirate around Madagascar is the Drake’s new journey that worth more than £50 million. Indication voyage, traveling around and hitting enemies are all you can find in the game. But, the most captivating feature is the combat among the updated mechanics. There are different ways free to approach with more open areas to discover replacing linear shooting. It is basically tremendous with the revitalized gameplay. There was linear game level in the previous game but now player can explore and infer open center areas newly available. Players have more freedom to take all items or throw them away. From character animations to landscape and setting, Uncharted 4 offers enormously jaw-dropping quality giving the players the reality of the character’s expression toward incoming harm.

Uncharted 4 Gameplay

Tagging enemies is the new feature in the Uncharted 4 to help manage these larger areas so beating enemies in pure stealth is one of the most enjoyable ways in the combat. But, it is not all about sneaking as you can enjoy more interpretive experience by reach high ground, explode barrels and many more. There is no fixed design for levels as luck and preference makes strong impact instead. Larger areas improve exploration. You can find a rope used to sway across gap, slant to slide down, achieve purchase by smacking a piton, and exploring larger areas with a jeep. There are various paths and routes with a feeling of real discovery from all of these combined.

Uncharted 4 Story

The treasure of the Pirate Avery is the background of this journey. Avery is a pirate lived from 1659 to1696 who was one of the most flourishing pirates throughout the world. He managed to lead other captains into plundering and raiding gold and jewelry worth £52.5 million. Drake starts his Journey with hints from a 1709 pamphlet telling the pirate escaping building a pirate utopia in Madagascar. Uncharted 4 portray the beauty of Madagascar scenery, jungle and coast that you can enjoy while playing the game.

Clash Royale AstuceAnd Tips For All Newbie Players

Clash royale astuce and tips

We share the Clash Royale astuce and tips in order to make newbie players feeling happier to play this game and keep on fire during their loss with pro players. Of course, this guide will make them better in their low levels and win every game they will do. The Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game that uses Clash of Clans’ theme. This game is barely released under the same developer of CoC, Supercell. Just in a few days and weeks of its release, this game has already on the top of the high-download game for mobile phone users. This guide is very useful if you are stuck at Arena 4 or just barely downloaded it from the app store.

Clash Royale Astuce and Tips Spending Gold

The first of all Clash Royale astuce and tips relates with how you spend your gold in this game. For your information, gold is the most factors that determine your win rate in this game. Unlike Clash of Clan, you do not have to farm the gold in Clash Royale. Instead, you will obtain it in every win battle and daily chest bonus each 4 hours.  You can upgrade your troops with the gold such as Giant, Skeletons and many more. But, please be smart when spending the gold. Just use it for the future plan. In other words, do not upgrade everything because your current deck may be enough to fight now. Bombers are not worth to be upgraded in this case.

Clash Royale Astuce and Tips Deck Varieties

This Clash Royale hack trick is also available if you have only one deck. It means that your battle deck should have some varieties. Setting up the deck is commonly ignored by beginner players. Meanwhile, it is the initial step to win their first game. In the beginning, you can choose one of three decks. But, you can mix and match the deck freely. For your information, each troop or card has its own cost of Elixir. Do not choose 2 until 5 too much. Instead, pick the low and a few high troops on your deck. Ground and air troops are also necessary. Do not pick all ground or all air only as our Clash Royale astuce and tips.

Clash Royale Astuce and Tips: Skeleton Army

Do not underestimate the skeleton troops on Clash Royale game. But, some of them are quite weak such as Giant Skeleton especially against archers. But, those armies are very good as the distraction of your main attack. You can use a Giant with some Skeleton to take out a Tower of enemies and win every game with our Clash Royale astuce and tips.

Hex Shards Of Fate Guide To Get Started

Hex Shards Of Fate

Depending on the type of player you are, this Hex Shards Of Fate Guide and tutorials will help you to start with the game. Hex Shards Of Fate is card game where players draw cards from the deck to battle. The game look easy to play but it can be difficult especially for new players. Here is what you need to know if you want to play Hex.

Hex Shards Of Fate Guide Choosing Starter Deck

There are eight available races you can choose for Starter Decks and each has different strengths, abilities and flaws. Take your time when choosing a deck as the cards within it cannot be traded. Later on you can purchase them for your collection for a few dollars. If you choose to play it for completely free, you can only use the Starter Deck to complete the Tutorial stage and the Trial levels. You can also only battle for PvE Frost Ring Arena. Hex Shards Of Fate Guide recommend you to take the paid method to play the game to unlock all stages and decks.

Hex Shards Of Fate Guide To Tutorial

The Tutorial part of the game will give a bit by bit interactive tutorial to show you how to play the game. You may skip the tutorial at any time but it is suggested you complete this Hex Shards Of Fate Guide and tutorial stages to help you get the picture of how the game works. This could be a bit confusing at first but you can easily find official instruction about the game. It is best you learn basic information on parts of a card, basic controls, card types, the game flow, game screen, and deck assembly.

Hex Shards Of Fate Guide To Collect Cards

A full playset of card include 4 cards of the same type. If you want to collect them all, you have 2 ways to do this. Playing Limited Tournaments as much as you can is the easiest but much slower way to collect as many card as possible. You will use Booster Packs to fight in this tournament and at the end of the tourney you may keep the cards. This means you have high possibilities to get more Booster Packs as prizes if you win. The second way to collect cards is quicker but you need to make in-game purchase in the app store using real money to buy the Booster Packs. This Hex Shards Of Fate Guide method is easier but it may take a fortune to spend.

Evoland Strategies And Tactics To Survive The Game


Evoland Strategies is your solution if you want to succeed in the game. Evoland is interesting role playing game with traditional gameplay system similar to original Final Fantasy and Legend Of Zelda. The levels seem easy but there are difficult puzzles that may block new players.

Evoland Strategies For Crystal Cave Stages

The beginning of the game is easy as it is much of tutorial of the game. You just need to follow the path that lead you the next level of the game. You will arrive at the Crystal Cave where things will be a bit harder. You have to be ready when open a chest since you will forced to battle. The quest is easy as you will help Kaeris to find a crystal in the cave. Make sure you visit the Hidden Meadow to get a Slime card located at the bottom right corner of the forest. Evoland Strategies suggest you to check all barrels and crates to find loots and potions or even EXP. This is the best place to grind for coins since you can save your progress.

Evoland Strategies For Overworld Stages

It will turn to 3D game once you’ve defeated the ghost and the game will not let one shot kills as it turn into action RPG. Make sure you cut all the grass to get the Zoomba card and star. Do not forget to search for textures and better textures in the area. Go to the direction to the overworld and find the chest blocking your way there. Open it to turn the whole world 3D again. You won’t need much Evoland Strategies since this area is easy. Proceed to the next dungeon of the Noira Mines.

Evoland Strategies To Beat Zephyros

Zephyros is the final boss of the game and you will fight him three times. The first battle against Zephyros is impossible to win since you do not have the skill so it is fine if you die. You will get new skill after you are defeated by Zephyros at the first battle. Fight him again and you can win using the new skill. Zephyros is not actually defeated and you need the airship to chase him. On the third battle you need to avoid his attacks and hit him at the gems on its hand. Keep attacking the gem until it breaks. Repeat the process to the other hand. Attack the gem on his chest and the orb. Keep doing this Evoland Strategies to beat Zephyros and win the game.