Angry Birds Space Tips To Take Out The Pigs

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Space makes players should take down the pigs by sling shooting a couple of types of birds in a couple of different directions in order those pigs. You can handle them because the setting of the new space is very good; a couple of birds which have a couple of new abilities, a couple of zero gravity skill that is needed in order to take down all of the pigs and the bird eggs can be reclaimed. For every structure and level there are a couple of different strategies that should be required. You can deal with them with one hit or you can continue bombardments once you can handle the inside of the pigs. There are a couple of tips and tricks of Angry Birds Space on how to use a couple of different birds in order to play this game.

Bomb Birds

You can use the bomb birds in order to take down tricky defenses which are supported with a heat shock wave. Bomb birds also the birds that you can choose if you find that all of your targets are in the close to each other proximity.

Blue Birds

This is the bird that will split into three missiles once your launch them. You can do that by touching the main bird in the mid-air. Those Blue Birds are perfect in order to set off chain reactions, after you split those three birds. This bird is very helpful as a couple of different parts of the map will be targeted by the chain reactions all at once.

Red Birds

At the Angry Birds Space, if you want to use the more powerful bird in their space adventure, you have to use Red Birds. It is perfect for you to use those birds in order to target the wooden pieces. It is well recommended for you to begin the level by taking down the structures weaker parts which pigs are hiding. The combination of the Red Birds with the planetary gravity is very perfect because it will show the destabilizing and taking out the bigger structures.

Terence Birds

In this Angry Birds Space, Terence the bird turns to be a cosmic wrecking ball. This bird is very easy to use in order to crash ice, stone, and wooden walls.

Lazer Birds

The Lazer Birds are one of the fastest objects in this Angry Birds Space. Corners can be easily turned after you launch them into the direction that you want.