Tips to Win the War on XCOM 2


XCOM 2 is no different from its predecessor as a series of strategy games. In a couple of ways, this brand new game is more difficult than the first one. The game tutorials will give you a couple of details about how to work the game but there is also a couple of information that you have to earn during the game. These are a couple of starting pointers which are based on the experience who have played this game. A couple of changes of the game play come with fundamental level, so these changes are perfect for both experienced players and beginners.

Before Making a Move, You Have to Check Out All of your Options

Because this game is a turn-based type of game, you will have the unlimited time in order to make every move. Each turn, you will start off by cycling via your entire team in order to access their selections, instead of just taking a couple of actions in the order automatically. With a couple of actions, you just have to make sure that each move that you take is effective and efficient.

Take Your Time

XCOM 2 is the perfect game in order to combine mission parameters so you will be asked in order to go your tactics as the demanding of the situation. A couple of missions come with time constraints that are forcing to take an action. If there are a couple of missions which do not, you have to take a lot of time that will be useful in order to scope out the set up and the scene in order to engage your opponent on your terms. The new mechanic that allows your squad to get the drop on a couple of enemies unaware is concealment. The enemies come with a smaller radius of awareness until the concealment is broken which is telegraphed so it is the perfect time for you to do the action around them freely. And then you can set one member of your team in order to overwatch. Unsuspecting aliens can be attacked with the last soldier and you will get enjoyable to defeat your opponent.


In this XCOM 2 game, armor works differently than its previous version. Meanwhile, you can shred your armor by explosives. However, a couple of important elements can be damaged by using grenades. It is better for you to lead the attack by using explosives.