Roblox Guide for Prison Life Game

Roblox game is full of creative gameplay that made by some creative Roblox players. For example, one of the games in Roblox is “Prison Life”. So many people ask for Roblox guide for this game since it is so defy and fun. Prison life is made by Roblox player named aesthetical. This game allows you to choose, whether you want to be a prisoner or a guard. But, the fun is when you choose to be the prisoner because you can choose to be a good prisoner which is boring, or you can be an escaped convict. This is really challenging as when you escape the prison facility, you can live freely as an escapee.

To be a good prisoner, you have to follow all the instruction from the prison like lunch-time you have to take the lunch, yard-time you have to go to the yard, lights-out-time you have to sleep, etc. When you follow the instruction, the guard wouldn’t kill you. It seems so boring to be just a regular prisoner.

Bad prisoners are those who try to run away from the prison. Well, there are a lot of beginners who tried to run away and got caught by the guard. You need a Roblox guide for that. It is how to escape from the prison by escaping from secret places that some people do not know.

This Roblox hack to escape the prison begins at the yard-time. At the yard-time, just go to the yard and try to be a nice prisoner. Search for a hammer below the bench near the heavy equipment spot and take it. After that, search for crude knife at the edge of white bench. In addition, the items hid after 15 seconds, so you will be safe from the guards.

Then, you just wait until lights-out-time and follow another Roblox guide. Inside your prison cell, you’ll find a closet. Use the hammer to destroy that closet. After the closet destroyed, you’ll find an intricate small sewer. Just follow the small sewer until you find the big sewer which leads you to a ladder. Climb the ladder and you will directly out from the prison. Use crude knife to sneaky kill the guard at the portal or around the prison’s gate. Then, run for your life.

However, this Roblox guide is not fully dependable, since some guards are watching you and your gesture. Therefore, you can be killed anytime. Practice would help and just play it with friends, so there are people that can watch your back.