Vampyr: The Gloomy Dark World

If you are into vampires so much (but not the mushy type like the Twilight or the gore type with all those bloods and violence), you may like the Vampyr, a game designed for the vampire fans who want to have a fanged hero character. No, it is not a cheesy game, believe me. If you still have doubts about the game, you should find the trailer video in Youtube and see how you like it so far.

Vampyr Gaming Development and Release

Focus Home Interactive will be responsible for the publishing of Vampyr while Dontnod Entertainment is the developer. With the Unreal Engine 4 as the gaming engine platform, the overall game is pretty smooth and good. This single player action role playing game is set for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is planned to release in 2017 although the exact date hasn’t been known just yet.

Vampyr Story and Plot

This third person role playing game is about a vampire and a doctor, Jonathan E. Reid, who has to deal with his personal blood-thirst conflict. As a doctor, he saves lives but as a vampire, he takes lives – sometimes the lives of the innocent. It is a part of the game as the player; you need to study your ‘prey’s’ habit, change them if necessary, collect the clues, and also maintain a certain relationship. The setting takes place in London in 1918, which is around the Spanish flu pandemic. If you maintain your consciousness and decide to end the game without ever taking lives, that’s okay – it’s your decision to make. But you won’t be able to level up – and so is your character.

From this explanation, you can see that taking blood is important to level up and replenish your character’s strength. You will also be able to use ranged and melee weapons to combat the enemies. In Vampyr, London will be your hunting ground and your gaming platform.

Vampyr and Character’s Ability

As a vampire, you will have some cool abilities, such as vampire sense or The Mesmerize. How you handle the game will affect the development of the story. You can also change people to vampires but remember….there are always consequences to that and it can change the story too. If you are into the double identity with a rather unique main character, this is definitely a game to try. With Vampyr, be ready to explore the gloomy and dark world without risking anything.


Township Trick from Two Aspects

Township is not new game due to millions of download record. Players create and build city until get everything. That’s purpose of this game and coins are required. In order to expand city, you need Township trick as excellent method to implement. As you know, trick is not similar to tip. Trick is method to reach goal faster by any means. It does not matter whether method is fair or not. However, people use word trick to soothe unfair aspect from public judgment. The section will explore more about this stuff from two points of view.

Playing fair is simple, but need to formulate excellent strategy. Players do not have much time to waste due in free mode. Firstly, they create farming area then start to harvest crops. After that, buying more area and create building for factory. This is real Township trick from fair side. It is difficult to reach top level in this mode.

This game uses method called in-app purchase to generate revenue from players. In this case, you spend amount of real money to exchange into gold and coins. Many games incorporate this method so that is very common this day. If you have money, game will be easy to expand. On contrary, next Township trick will show how to reach top level without spending much time and money.

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